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Lonesome Wonderers is an independent, blues-rock duo from Texas, formed between two life-long friends and kindred musicians, Chris Bradley and Guy Huggins. Together they write songs that connects us to the intimate, bringing out the more heartfelt nature of music that existed in a less manufactured age. The result is a romantic melancholy vibe, expressed through a "retro-filter" made of rock, blues, country, and soul.

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About "Keep Your Love Alive"

Written in 2014, "Keep Your Love Alive" is the first-ever release from Lonesome Wonderers. Set in both Austin and Fort Worth, Texas, "Keep Your Love Alive" tells the story of willfully choosing a life of happiness, love and "positive energy" in a culture steepedin a 24/7 news cycle promoting coercive agendas, disasters, contempt and antagonism. The main moral of the song is to encourage the listener to choose everyday activities, places and relationships that bring some love to theirlife, over those voices that bring them down.

Verse one sets the scene in Austin, Texas, as the listener is dropped into The Driskill Bar, located in Austin's historic Driskill Hotel. After lifting some drinks "with the businessmen", the listener goes to catch a movie at the Alamo Drafthouse on 6th street, where they spy the famous "topless girl".

Verse two changes the scene to Fort Worth, Texas, where the listener is dropped into a country and western dance outing with their "party crew" at Billy Bob's Texas, still wearing "pin striped pants" having just gotten off work. As the evening evolves, the listener gets caught up in all of the good vibes that come from "two-steppin'" with an attractive partner going "round, round, round" to the "sound, sound, sound".

The song crescendos with the listener being evangelized, as from the pulpit, with the singer imploring all of his "brothers and sisters" that they've "got to keep your love alive... don't let the literati break you down".

Recording "Keep Your Love Alive"

Recording started at Edgewater Studios, located in Sugar Land, Texas, on Friday, 5 August and ended on Sunday, 7 August. Edgewater was recommended by Jon Delange of Tinderbox Music, based out of Minneapolis. Jon was turned onto "Keep Your Love Alive" by a friend of his who listened to the demo recording Lonesome Wonderers shared to ReverbNation.com. Jon, feeling that the song had some commercial potential, encouraged Lonesome Wonderers to record it, then promote to both non-commercial radio and commercial licensing buyers.

Production started on Friday morning with Lonesome Wonderers sharing their ultimate vision for the song; that "Keep Your Love Alive" is a simple back-beat "feelin' good" tune that would pair well with a Texas house party. They said, "Imagine we're allat a rockin' party, where everyone is dancing, drinking, flirting and just having a great time being in the moment. We are recording the song the band is playing at that party"!

To help realize that vision, producer Derek Hames brought in drummer Isaias Gil and bassist MarkRiddell to lay down the rhythm tracks as the first order of business, and what a great "shuffle" groove they laid down!

In order to accentuate the playfulness of the song, Lonesome Wonderers recruited two backup vocalists to represent the "hippy chicks" and "girly girls". Nyssa Garcia is the fronting vocalist of the Dallas-based American Rock act Awaiting Daylight. Lonesome Wonderers met Nyssa as both acts performed in Hard Rock Cafe's Hard Rock Rising 2016 contest. Impressed with the quality of her voice, Lonesome Wonderers made a note to call her up when it came time to record. To provide a complimentary alto voice to Nyssa's soprano, Lonesome Wonderers also recruited Olivia Jade, a friend and colleague of Lonesome Wonderer Chris Behrens.

With all the performers in place, and the ever-solid John Shelton in the house as the audio engineer, that "feelin' good" tune finally got captured.

Performance Credits

Chris Behrens - Vocals, Guitar
Guy Huggins - Backing Vocals, Guitar
Isaias Gil - Drums
Mark Riddell - Bass
Derek Hames - HammondOrgan, Cajon
Nyssa Garcia - Backing Vocals
Olivia Jade-Backing Vocals

Written by Chris Behrens and Guy Huggins

Recording Credits

Produced by Derek Hames
Recorded and Mixed by John Shelton
Digital Editing by Derek Hames and John Shelton
Mastered by John Moran
Recorded at Edgewater Studios, Sugar Land, Texas

Contact Lonesome Wonderers

Lonesome Wonderers, LLC.
1109 Greenview Ln.
Kennedale, Texas 76060
Email: contact@lonesomewonderers.com
Web: www.lonesomewonderers.com


"Keep Your Love Alive"

As Written, Recorded and Performed by:
Chris B. Behrens
Guy D. Huggins
Aka "Lonesome Wonderers"

Chillin' at the Driskill at the hotel bar, with the businessmen and local beer
Another Monkey Shoulder, doing my part, keeping our fair city weird
I'm buying popcorn at the Alamo, when a topless girl goes walkin' by
I didn't know about the noontime show, and I never stopped to wonder why
And all the hippie chicksdown on 6th street sing..

Got to keep your love alive
You got to fight for the Austin sound
Make your little light shine, shine
Don't let the literati break you down

Walkin' into Billy Bob's in pinstripe pants, holdin' court with the party crew
They call me city boy, but I just dance, pay attention, learn a thing or two
My little lady goes round, round, round, two steppin' to a steel guitar
She's mesmerized by the sound, sound, sound, shoulda known that I wouldn't get far
And all the girly girls down fromTCU sing...

Got to keep your love alive
You got to fight for the Fort Worth sound
Make your little light shine, shine
Don't let the literati break you down, momma

I wasn't planning contingencies for anyone,I'm just waiting for the Son to recover
I wasn't building a future, or getting things done, I'm just putting one foot in front of the other
You got to keep your love alive, you got to fight for your own damned sound
Makeyour little light shine, shine, don't let the elevator break you down

All you brothers and sisters..
You got to fight for the local sound
Make your little light shine, shine
Don't let the literati break you down

You got to keep your love alive
You got to fight for the Fort Worth sound
Make your little light shine, shine
Now I'm saving my pennies for the end of the week
Cause I'm too hip for the hippies, too chic for the freaks

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Lonesome Wonderers is an independent, blues-rock duo from Texas, formed between two life-long friends and kindred musicians, Chris Bradley and Guy Huggins. Together they write songs that connects us to the intimate, bringing out the more heartfelt nature of music that existed in a less manufactured age. The result is a romantic melancholy vibe, expressed through a "retro-filter" made of rock, blues, country, and soul.

Guy's musical journey began at a very young age. Born in Monterey, California to two Dallas natives, Guy grew up in a home where vinyl was always on the turntable. His parents exposed him to the likes of The Eagles, Jackson Browne, Carol King, Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell, Led Zeppelin, CSNY, and The Beatles. After his parents' divorce in the late 70's, Guy became a latch-key kid raised by a single mother. In the early 80's, Guy's mom remarried and moved him and his late brother to Duncanville, Texas, where his love for music would grow.

When Guy was 15 years old, and a high school sophomore, he borrowed a guitar from an aunt, and began to teach himself to play. Using chord sheets from music books borrowed or purchased at local music stores, Guy began to learn the "soft hits" from his early childhood, with the natural goal of wooing girls at parties. In the years to come, this humble teenage effort would be instrumental in making him a Lonesome Wonderer.

Chris followed a different path, but ended up in the same place, at the same time. Growing up in a small town outside of Philadelphia in the shadow of Hall & Oates and Philadelphia soul, he played blues and soul on piano. Raised on the strains of Jim Croce, Billy Joel and Donny Hathaway, Chris's vocal and instrumental styles were informed by those greats, and the outlaw country sound of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson. In his mid-teens, his dad's job change brought him to the sunlit prairie of Duncanville, Texas.

With both at the same school, Chris and Guy met in the fall of 1987, having joined the acapella choir. Their common tastes and similar personalities made them instant friends, and they quickly found themselves at the center of a large social circle that frequently got together for house parties on weekends. These parties featured hot tubs, heavy flirtation, underage drinking, a vintage British roadster, and lots of singing. Deep into the night the boys would sit one of the girls on top of Chris' piano, and the torch songs would commence. These magic moments of youth were full of good times, with close friends making great memories and romantic connections. Chris met his wife during these "glory days", and Guy found, and lost, his first love.

Graduation came and went, and Guy attended a local university, but maintained a close relationship with Chris, who was completing his final year of school. That fall the boys, along with other friends from school, started playing together and formed the progressive rock sextuplet "Requiem". Guy played guitar and Chris the keyboard. In the era of grunge, the boys were playing highly technical rock under the influence of bands like Rush, Queensryche, Yes and ELP. After a year or so of flirting with the idea of being a "serious band", the boys became fully committed to the Requiem project, and spent years trying to make it in the almost non-existent Dallas prog rock scene.

Requiem's biggest success came shortly after recording their only studio album. In 1992, Requiem enjoyed radio success in Europe with their single "Masks", even making it onto a number of European charts! Although the boys greatly enjoyed the formative Requiem years, they were always left feeling a musical void that prog rock just wouldn't fill. This void got so severe that intense infighting about the musical direction of the band developed, and Guy was kicked out in 1992, and replaced with another guitarist. Requiem broke up about a year later.

After Requiem, both Chris and Guy dusted themselves off and went on to finish college, then started their careers in technology. Both got married in 1994. Chris married one of the girls on his piano, and Guy married another. For the next 20 years the boys lived a settled-down life, dedicating themselves to raising children, providing for their families, getting involved in their churches and community, and advancing their careers.

But then something changed..

In the fall of 2014, Chris hosted a house party for his dance studio "party crew", his old friends, as well as friends from his office. He got the idea that it would be fun to play those old torch songs like he did back in the day. After approaching Guy with the idea, the two spent some time working out all those "soft hits", and in the process rekindled their sleeping passion for playing and performing. The night of the party came and the boys mingled, drank and played. Afterwards they both felt like this had been missing from their lives for far too long, and decided that these nights had to become part of their lives again. On a warm moonlit night, surrounded by friends and colleagues, enjoying their favorite bourbon, Lonesome Wonderers was born.

Both Chris and Guy had music waiting in the wings. Some of it was full songs Chris had written, some was just melodies, rhythms or chord progressions that had not ever been developed. But all of it came from a sense of romantic melancholy that had developed in each of them over the years. When they sat down to develop their first tune, "Keep Your Love Alive", they both knew there was something very special happening, and a new musical renaissance had begun.

As the songwriting combination of Bradley and Huggins continued, they began to develop more original songs, and to share them with friends and family, as well as with a larger audience through the web, and through their local songwriter's group. That led to Lonesome Wonderers being asked to perform shows in Fort Worth, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin. As the boys gained more attention, including from folks in the music industry, they decided to professionally record "Keep Your Love Alive" with the help of a highly recommended studio, as well as two lovely singers they had met along the journey.

Lonesome Wonderers is currently engaged writing original songs, producing and sharing demo recordings of those songs, growing a dedicated following, attracting Texas performance opportunities, as well as raising funds for creating professionally produced recordings that express the full artistic vision of each tune, with the goal of placing them into film & television.


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